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Vampire Fangs – How to Apply

So you’ve picked up your first pair of vampire fangs, or maybe you just got a refill kit for the teeth sitting in your drawer and it’s time for a refresher. The goal here is really simple, you want to make those vampire fangs stick to your teeth so you can wear them around comfortably. Here’s our guide to how to put those fake vampire teeth in. 

Step 1: Positioning

The first decision you have to make is where you want your fangs and how they should be positioned. Traditionally they would go on your canines, but if yours are particularly pointed or triangular, you could consider your incisors instead.

Spend a little time messing around with the angle and position to see what you like the best. Then practice a little on getting them in that position with one quick motion with no readjustment.

Fake Vampire Teeth Test Fitting

Step 2: Mixing

Twist one capsule of powder into the black case or any small cup. Make sure to get all of the powder out. Tilt the case so that all of the powder collects in one spot. Then, squeeze 4 drops of the solution onto the powder. For shredder fangs, you will want to squeeze 8 drops, or 9 if the mixture seems too dry.


Fake Vampire Teeth Pouring Fitting Powder

Stir for 30 seconds to 1 minute with a wooden stick or spatula. The mixture should become uniform and have the consistency of toothpaste. Make sure you adequately stir for the suggested time, or it won’t mix properly. Keep it all together because you’ll want to use all of the mixture.

Fake Vampire Teeth Pour Drops of Fitting Liquid

To the right you can see what the mixture should look like.

Below you can see what it SHOULD NOT look like. We edited the photo on the right so you can better see the texture you don’t want to get. If it looks like this, your mixture will not set properly.

Fake Vampire Teeth Mixture Close Up Correct

This is what your paste should look like.

Fake Vampire Teeth Mixture Close Up Incorrect

Make sure your mix doesn’t look like this.

Fake Vampire Teeth Mixture Close Up Incorrect Highlight

Incorrect mix, enhanced for clarity.

Step 3: Fitting

Scrape the mixture into the first fang, making sure that it is on the walls of the fang rather than collected in the bottom cavity. Push the fang all the way onto your tooth, and once it’s in the desired potion, hold firmly.

Once you have the fang in the position you wanted, do not wiggle or reposition it. The mixture will squeeze out around the edges; this is normal and helps ensure a better fit. Holding onto the fang, tilt your head back so as not to drool, and wait for 5 minutes. Don’t worry about working on your 2nd fang until the 5 minutes have passed.

Fake Vampire Teeth Fitting 1st Fang

Step 4: Positioning

Now that you have the position of your first fang, make sure you match the 2nd one to it using a mirror. Teeth are naturally asymmetrical, so your second fang may fit differently from the first.

Customize the second fang creating the mixture the same way as before, then hold onto your tooth and wait another 10-15 minutes to give the material time to harden.

Fake Vampire Teeth Fitting 2nd Fang

Step 5: Removal

The material will continue to harden for up to 24 hours. So it’s important not to leave them on after your initial fitting. Take them off after 15 minutes and give them 24 hours to harden completely.

To remove, gently push your bottom teeth against the bottom of the fangs until you hear a slight click. Then, carefully hold the top of the fang and the material simultaneously to not accidentally remove the cap, and wiggle gently until the hold is released.

Do not trim off the excess on the back; it helps hold everything in place. If desired, you can use nail clippers to trim off any visible excess on the front. If, for some reason, your fang fits but is not as snug as you’d like, you can use 1 more capsule over the hardened material to fit it further.

Step 6: Enjoy!

There you have it, your fangs are fitted and ready to wear! Whether it’s a casual midnight stroll through the cemetery or the big yearly soiree to celebrate Samhain, you’ll be ready to slay.

Fake Vampire Teeth Both Fangs Fitted
Fake Vampire Teeth Finished Look Bright Eyes

Alternative: How to Apply Vampire Fangs With Denture Adhesive

Another option for applying vampire fangs without this method is to buy a denture adhesive cream. Look for one that has a strong or superior hold. We don’t recommend this over the method we’ve highlighted as the hold isn’t as consistent and you have to keep reapplying and removing when you want to wear your fangs.

To use this method, dry your upper teeth and gums with a tissue before applying the fang. Squeeze a small amount of cream onto the top of the back of your fang, and hold on your canine for 10-15 seconds. Excess can be wiped off using a cotton swab. Remove before eating or sleeping by gently peeling off. Then to reapply, repeat the same steps stated above.