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6602 South State, Street Murray, UT 84107

Mon - Sat | 10AM - 6PM Sunday | Closed

Last Looks Studio

Partnering with local independent studios, Last Looks provides a full-service end to end solution for custom studio services. This includes end to end service from payment facilitation, to fabrication, delivery, and on-set support. Last Looks has not only talented artists and fabricators, but experienced production-minded staff. We focus on making sure everything comes in as expected, within budget, and on time. We work with your and creative team and producers to make sure you get the right support and work needed for your project.

Design & Concept Art

Creating visuals to convey & promote your ideas.


Monster & Creature Suits

We will design the suit around your desired aesthetics and intended use, whether you need extra durability for stunt work or high detail for intimate closeups.

Mask Making

Custom design, sculpted, and painted masks. Hair work and other high detail finishing options are available.

On-set makeup applications

Our roster of highly vetted professional makeup artists, hair stylists, puppeteers, FX experts, and others will ensure a professional atmosphere on set.

Custom Tattoo Transfers

We can modify a design you already have, or create and print a completely custom design.


Life Casting

Casting of faces, full heads, or bodies to create custom prosthetic pieces.


Prosthetics sculpting, molding, casting

Basic Character Makeup

Simple character-building elements such as scars, wounds or minor defects.

Advanced Character Makeup

More complex character pieces including aging, and key features including noses and brows.

Creature Makeup

Head and body prosthetics to bring your sci-fi or fantasy creature to life.


Simple, easy to use FX for disaster simulation and other training scenarios

Special FX & blood Gags

Safe practical blood and injury effects such as spraying or flowing blood, body props, wounds, illness & exposure effects, etc.

Wardrobe & Costuming

Our costuming partners are experienced in making pieces for both standard and unique needs, whether you need a period accurate gown or clothing suitable for a 7 foot Yeti.


Designing and fabricating puppets in a variety of aesthetics for use in film, commercials, and theater.

Prop Making

Unique or replica props of anything from popular franchise weapons, household items, or historical objects. Made for a variety of uses including safe materials for conventions, hero props to look great on camera, and stunt props for action shots.


True to character costume pieces made form EVA, Worbla, textiles, and other high-quality materials.

Project Request Form

Let us know a little about your project and we’ll get back to you with a price and timeline quote!