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Pennywise Teeth


These Pennywise teeth will give you the classic scary clown look, or can be used for any sort of demonic and unsettling characters.

Dental Distortions thin veneers mold comfortably to your teeth, giving an incredibly realistic look without causing discomfort or making it hard to speak.

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Pennywise Teeth

Pennywise is hands down a horror icon that is feared and loved by many. Pennywise from Stephen Kings “It” novel was brought to life by Emmy award-winning makeup artist Bart Mixon who designed and applied the iconic makeup.

The Pennywise look has gone through a few iterations (and his teeth have been along for the ride). Originally a novel published in 1986 and then adapted for tv as a 2-part miniseries) in 1990 and then into films in 2017 and 2019. One thing that has remained an important part of the characters look is his teeth.

In the first film he reveals those classic Pennywise Teeth we’re all familiar with.

In the most recent films, they take it even further giving him a monstrous jaw with teeth like a shark.

These Pennywise Teeth will give you that classic look that’s defined a generation where just by opening your mouth you instantly send chills up someone’s spine.”

Dental Distortions

Dental Distortions fake teeth are the film industry go-to. Made as a thin veneer that goes on the front of your teeth, they give an incredibly realistic look without causing discomfort or making it hard to speak.

Each set comes with a special thermoplastic fitting material that allows the fake teeth to mold to your real teeth perfectly for hours of comfortable wear.

Dental Distortions products ship in a plastic carry case to keep them protected.

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