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Large Horns Foam Latex Prosthetic


The Rubber Wear foam latex Large Horn prosthetics are lightweight and blend seamlessly to the skin. These prosthetics are great for creating several Sci-Fi and horror looks.

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Brand: Rubberwear


To see how we used the Large Horns Foam Latex Prosthetics in detail check out our Devil Makeup Tutorial.

Application: Foam Latex can be adhered to the skin with Pros-Aide adhesive or Beta Bond. Once glued to the skin the edges can be blended to with Pros-Aide Cream. Once completely dry use a powder puff to apply translucent powder on the entire piece, this will help eliminate the tack from the adhesive and Pros-Aid Cream.

Painting: Foam latex is sponge-like and should be sealed for optimal painting. Sealing foam latex can be done simply by coating the surface of the prosthetic with Pros-Aide and allowing it to dry. Once the Pros-Aide is dry, powder the piece again and it is ready for paint. Foam latex is best painted with PAX, Rubber Mask Grease paint, or alcohol-based makeup.

Removal: To remove use Isopropyl Myristate, Bond Off, or Super Solv.


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Weight .025 lbs
Dimensions 6.71 × 3.76 × 1.28 in