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Bdellium Studio 735 Double End Brow/Lash Brush

Bdellium Studio 735 Double End Brow/Lash Brush


The Bdellium Tools 735S Double End Brow/Lash brush can be used with brow pomade, powder, liquid or your favorite mascara formula. This double duty brush keeps your brows and lashes looking stunning.

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The classic Bdellium Tools Studio brush line are high quality professional makeup brushes. Finished with a 7-layer lacquered yellow color and secured with an anodized aluminum ferrule, these are the perfect brushes for an experienced makeup artist who needs a reliable tool.

Each brush in the studio line has a mix of synthetic and natural bristles selected for the perfect stiffness and shape for the function of the individual brush.

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 1.04 × .22 in