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Out-Of-Kit Goblin Makeup Tutorial

Goblin Makeup Collage 1

Is it a goblin, is it a monster? Call it what you will; we did this fun, quick out-of-kit makeup look to celebrate St. Patrick’s day!

Step 1: Apply prosthetic pieces

We had some latex abrasion in our kit, so we thought they would be perfect for this! Apply them in clusters around the face to create some gross 3d textures and effects. 

We used Pros-Aide medical adhesive by applying some on both the piece and the skin. Give it a moment to dry before placing the prosthetic on the skin. 

Pros-Aide is “contact cement,” which works best when you let the pros aide dry on both sides and then combining them.

Goblin Makeup Step 1

Step 2: Base out the skin color

We then created a base with Wolfe green face paints using a damp hydra sponge, trying to keep it as even as possible by gently patting the makeup on to even out the texture. 

To get color in hard-to-reach areas under the facial hair, we used a brush to push up underneath in a stipple motion. This technique is also helpful for the hairline to avoid any gaps in your color. 

Goblin Makeup Step 2

Step 3: Contour the character’s look

After establishing the base, we built up layers of green to darken the inner brow and nasal labial folds to achieve a more animalistic and menacing look.

Goblin Makeup Step 3

Step 4: Continue green in sensitive areas

Next, we went in with a green Ben Nye creme for the mouth and around the eyes, covering any exposed skin. Since this is a creme makeup, it is essential to set it with powder to create a more long-lasting look.


Step 5: Creating detail and texture

Then we used a stipple sponge with Wolfe browns and greens to create texture, using multiple layers to achieve this effect. Stippling, adding texture, and contouring prevent the makeup from looking flat. 

Goblin Makeup Step 4 5

Step 6: Finishing up

To create a more nasty, organic effect, we applied Ben Nye Quick Dirt. We make it look like it’s coming out of the abrasions. Lastly, we finished up the look with PPI Mouth FX Blood Red.

Goblin Makeup Step 6

This is an excellent example of a “quick and dirty” look you can get with makeup you happen to have around. You should never stop yourself from doing a look because you want to “make it perfect”, just break out that makeup kit and have fun!

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